We offer a unique opportunity for young people working toward their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:

By partnering with The Friendship Circle for your B’nai Mitzvah Project, you will gain life skills, forge lasting relationships, and have the opportunity to truly change the life of a child. Your Mitzvah project is a very important and life-changing time in your life, where you will have the opportunity to serve your community and better understand the nature of volunteerism. When you perform your Mitzvah project with the Friendship Circle you get to participate in 3 different components of giving.


The Friendship Circle is always looking for more people like YOU to come and support our friends with special needs. We need to raise awareness for our cause so that others can open their arms and minds, and help us to create new programs.


The Friendship Circle operates entirely off of grants and donations from the community. In order to have programs and events, we need fundraising. There are hundreds of ways to fundraise, from door to door, to sending out letters, to bake sales and lemonade stands. We are more than willing to help you come up with ideas and be a part of your fundraising efforts.


And then the fun part! The hands-on volunteering is where you have the opportunity to make friends and change lives. You can attend our events, volunteer for Friends @ Home with an older teen mentor, or design your own activity for you and your friends to get involved in the special needs community!

Contact us today for your own B'nai Mitzvah packet!