At Friendship Circle by the Sea, our mission is to lovingly support individuals with special needs and their families through opportunities for social interaction, recreation, friendship, inclusion, and community.



Our various programs touch the lives of so many in our community:

  • The individual with special needs gains friendship and feels included among his/her typical peers;
  • The volunteers are empowered to be caring and responsible mentors;
  • And the special needs families support each other, plus get a much needed respite while seeing their child become part of the community circle.

Together, we form the Friendship Circle, based on a community that is there for every person in their time of need. Whether through our unique pairings of individual to mentor, our inclusion programs in local schools, or our support groups for parents, Friendship Circle by the Sea is making a difference.

Check out this video about our program! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taVuLT62Enw&sns=em

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